IT was added to the State Heritage Register last year and now it’s receiving significant funding from the NSW Government to ensure that history will live on for generations to come.
The historic importance of Lindlegreen Barn at O’Connell continues to be recognised after Bathurst MP Paul Toole today announced two different Heritage Grants totalling $170,000 to save the ageing structure.
An unassuming 1827 Cob Barn tucked away on a farm at the corner of Beaconsfield Road and O’Connell Road, it will now be preserved thanks to the two successful applications from Friends of Lindlegreen and owner Brad Hargans which include $150,000 for restoration works and another $20,000 for the preparation of a Conservation Management Plan for the building.
Mr Toole said the vision is to restore to original condition this valuable and rare 1827 early Colonial Cob Barn which is of local, state and national significance.
“Lindlegreen Barn is well constructed, but lack of appropriate care in recent decades has made it vulnerable and at imminent risk of partial collapse,” he said.
“The fabric of the building is fragile and urgent work is needed to stabilise ongoing structural cracking and movement, halt further deterioration of extensively eroded earth walls and install adequate drainage. Repairs will be authentic using traditional cob building techniques.
“The proposed and carefully researched and investigated works involving a range of heritage specialists will go a long way to ensuring Lindlegreen Barn remains as a permanent reminder of a bygone era.”
Mr Toole noted the Barn demonstrates the transfer of traditional Welsh, English, Scottish and Irish early earth building techniques brought to Australia by the colonists and used in rural NSW when transport of other suitable building materials was difficult and costly.