Blayney’s Heritage Park has been given a wonderful new lease on life, with the recent construction of a ‘Liberty Swing’, enabling children restricted to a wheelchair, the freedom to enjoy playtime in the park.

Member for Bathurst Paul Toole said it is a wonderful opportunity for the NSW Government to be a part of something that is sure to bring a lot of joy to children with a disability and their families in the Blayney area.

“I think we all have fond memories of enjoying time at the park – whether its remembering how much fun it was when you were younger, or the joy you see it bring to your children, enjoying the facilities in public parks and play spaces should be something everyone can enjoy.

“The Liberty Swing means that something that was once a difficult and sometimes dangerous task for parents to involve wheelchair bound children in, has been made so much easier, safer and more enjoyable,” said Mr Toole.

The Liberty Swing is a partnership between Variety, Blayney Shire Council and the NSW Government, and is an example of what teamwork can achieve.

Mayor of Blayney Shire Council Scott Ferguson said he is thrilled that Council has been able to deliver a much needed piece of equipment.

“The Liberty Swing has been on our priority list for some time. To have the assistance of funding from two other parties certainly made the project more achievable for us and in a shorter space of time,” said Mr Ferguson.

The final touches are being put into place including a shade sail above the swing. As soon as the ground dries out enough following our deluge of rain, the shade will be installed and the swing open to the public.