Bathurst MP Paul Toole has announced that planning work to reinstate Millthorpe Station as a stop for NSW TrainLink XPT services has now started.

“The NSW Government is committed to making public transport available to communities across the

state and the development work needed to enable Millthorpe Station to become an ‘on request’ stop for the XPT between Dubbo and Sydney is now underway,” Mr Toole said

“Millthorpe is a wonderful tourist destination, renowned for its idyllic village atmosphere, and XPT services will provide another way for travellers to experience this marvellous location.

“We’ve started the development work needed to provide a safe and efficient way for customers to board the train, without limiting the local tourism potential of the station building and recognising its heritage values.

“We want to achieve a way to make it simpler for all customers, including people with a disability, parents with prams and travellers with luggage, to access the station.

“We understand the local interest in this building and we will work closely with experts to ensure that the look and feel is maintained, while also allowing the precinct to return to its original role as a stop on the Western NSW Line. “

Blayney Shire Mayor, Scott Ferguson said this exciting new development of ‘Stop on Demand’ at Millthorpe Railway Station takes access to local heritage villages within the region to a whole new level.

“Reopening the Millthorpe train station will be of great benefit to the local community and will realise the tourism potential - boosting business, jobs and economic growth to the area like we have never seen before,” he said.

“As the number one infrastructure priority for the local Millthorpe community, the service will facilitate growth in both the day tripper and overnight stays market for this significant and growing tourism village. This project will have monumental positive impacts for Blayney Shire for decades to come.”

Mr Toole said there will be a consultation process across the local community including residents, business and council, and they will also be given the opportunity to have their say on the proposals as part of the planning approval process.

“Looking around the State, there are a number of low impact ways to serve a sensitive location like Millthorpe, and we want to apply that experience to provide a fitting solution for residents and visitors,” Mr Toole said.

“There are a wide range of technical, operational and community issues that need to be assessed in developing the design, and we want local insight to help identify issues and guide the best result.

“On-site investigations are underway and the initial round of stakeholder consultation is planned to commence before the end of 2017.”

The upgrade at Millthorpe Station has been made possible by the NSW Government’s Transport Access Program, an initiative to deliver safe, modern and accessible public transport infrastructure across the state.