Cyclists and walkers in the Mid-Western region will benefit from upgrades to the Kandos-Rylstone shared pathway, thanks to new funding from the NSW government.

Bathurst MP Paul Toole has announced the Mid Western Regional Council will receive $15,000, on top of the Councils commitment of $30,000, to commence stage one of improvements to the 7km path.

"Walking and cycling are viewed as a vital component of the Kandos & Rylstone community; allowing a cost effective, non-discriminatory mode of transport for all users" Mr Toole said.

"The path also benefits those with mobility impairments and those who do not have access to a car."

"This is a popular track that is used by walkers, cyclists and families, in promoting a healthy and active lifestyle" he said.

The Community Building Partnership program has funded some 13,800 community projects since it commenced nearly a decade ago.

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