SPORT in Bathurst is a big winner today thanks to support from the NSW Government.

Bathurst MP Paul Toole has made stopovers at the Majellan Bowling Club and Loco Oval which is the home of the Bathurst City Colts Cricket Club.

He met with members of the Majellan to announce the club had been successful with its application for a $5000 Community Building Partnership grant.

"The funding will be used to purchase scoring equipment for the greens as well as maintenance equipment to keep them in tip top condition," Mr Toole said.

"Lawn bowls is synonymous with the Majellan and it’s great to be able to give the club a helping hand to keep its greens well-manicured as well being able to install the new scoring equipment."

In the meantime, Mr Toole’s visit to Local Oval delivered more good sporting news for Bathurst with the City Colts Cricket Club set to receive a Local Sports grant of $3500.

"Loco Oval is a great little ground near the rail underpass in lower Russell Street and for years the Clancy boys have prepared the turf wicket there to the highest of standards," he said.

"However, we know cricket’s a summer game and unfortunately the ground has no shade or seating for the players and spectators.

"Well, this is about to change and this grant will allow the club to put up shade sails as well as install seating under them."